Why I don’t do ‘normal things’/ things in the ‘normal way’…

Simply because this would imply that I’m trying to be normal… when I’m not! (and it’s useless pretending to be what I’m not). Yeah, it’s as simple as that: I’m not normal, conscious of it and proud of it too!!

Being normal means to fit and suit the ‘norms’ of this ‘wonderful’ society. And even if this might appear weird, I’m kinda proud not to suit the norms of a society that considers inequality among people normal! I’m not a revolutionary but it takes me only two seconds of pondering to realise that there’s no such thing that can basically divide people! But it seems to me that people actually enjoy dividing themselves (where there should always be a superior and inferior) and then fight for their prestige..

I mean, come on, life is simple. Men and women are different as much as complementary, so as black people are to white, yellow, red or whatever people, so as homosexuals are to heterosexuals, bisexuals and asexuals, so as a president is to a homeless. Humanity is one! …And this simply because we are all different! Our differences make us strong. But it seems like the majority of people have the similarity(hence, weakness) of declaring a superior and an inferior, and that’s really pitiful, though that’s what is “normal”!

I’ve never been normal, always been different; indeed, I used to be different, but it’s been some years already that I have decided to be special. It makes all the difference!

And yes life is simple, but you won’t be able to see things that way as you are normal. Just too bad!



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