Michael Jackson’s death – where are our humane values?

I was totally in a shock when, at 2 a.m this morning, I received a text telling me Michael Jackson died after a cardiac arrest…

Later this morning, as I logged on the internet, all my information, article, video searches were of course completely focused on Michael Jackson’s death.  And I read things which just got me totally irritated! – adding to my stupor of waking up learning the death of THE King of Pop.  A huge number of people seem to be happy of Michael’s death!

The reasons for their happiness about it all aren’t very difficult to figure out – he was a “pedophile”, an “insane” guy, “creepy” etc. I even thought of pasting some of the more shocking and insulting comments I found but immediately realized it wouldn’t serve my purpose. I can’t understand AT ALL how people can be blissed-out (that’s the word) on a human being’s death.  I mean, seriously, whoever one might have been, said, thought, done, he is human.  What have we turned into?? Completely stupid beings deprived of emotional maturity and humane values?!

     I think it in fact is the case and I just learnt it the hard way, reading all these stuffs this morning.  People lack something very important in the society’s and self  development, which is called empathy!  At no time, they seem to have thought that Michael Jackson had a family, weeping over his death.  We are in a 21st century, without humane values and proud of it.  These people just seem really glad to be able to voice out and share their contentment at the death of Michael.   

     I precise that, in no way, one should support pedophilia, and this is certainly NOT what I am doing here.  I am just talking of the disappearance of a human life, whatever the deeds of that person were.  When, moreover, I wonder how many of our 6 billion people can say not having enjoyed any of Michael Jackson’s song.  That guy did have talent, he did contribute to humanity.  His songs were always messages of love and peace to the whole World – he surely doesn’t deserve hatred on the day of his death!

Where are we people going to? One can understand the sadistic pleasure found in reality shows where we all know fake drama happens.  But that does not mean that real life is a reality show to be taken as lay-critics in front of our television set!  When will we reach the quota of stupid things said without consideration of others? Is there a limit? Could anyone just help me out of this- I wonder…where are we going to


One Response to “Michael Jackson’s death – where are our humane values?”

  1. I think that you are a bit too one-sided in your analysis.
    You say people don’t have empathy for MJ’s family but you do not consider that their “hatred” may be fueled by their empathy for the alleged victims and their families. Obviously, rejoicing in someone’s death is certainly not very nice but it is understandable that some people may feel vindicated. Also, as a public figure, MJ and his death are bound to attract a lot of attention, both positive and negative. I find it equally disturbing when people posthumously speak of MJ being some kind of angel.
    I’ll add that I certainly won’t shed a tear for MJ’s family when both his father and uncle try to promote their record label when doing interviews about their son and nephew’s death.
    Finally, do not despair about the state of humanity, often enough it surprises you positively when you least expect it!

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