Amilcar, a weird, crazy and very active guy, also known as MetroBoy on some web profiles, cultivates his eccentricity by a complex and mysterious, multi-sided personality.

He spent his childhood years in Rose-Hill.

Kindergarten – Casimir. There, he made his first outstanding performances as a kid in the end-of-year representations. 

LE PENSEUR de Métro :)The notable ones are the dances and the poetry recital – La Cigale et La Fourmi(La Fontaine).

Primary school – Notre Dame de Lourdes R.C.A. school(1998-2003)
There, he was known for his good academic performance and his oratory skills. During this period, he will participate in a radio show -Zenfan Soleil- on the national radio station, among the three young interviewers representing the school(2002).

He moved to Beau-Bassin in December 2002.

Secondary school – Ebene SSS(2004-2008)
There, also known for his good academic performance, he becomes outstanding by his active participation in extra-curricular activities. These range from the spelling bee contest, essay competitions, project citizen mauritius, civic action team, public speaking competition and the presidency of the Environment Club he created with a group of friends for two consecutive years. During his presidency at the club, among the many activities organized, stands THE big outing at Ile aux aigrettes, with around 100 students of various classes. It is during the above period, that his acute eccentric personality is shaped and the mystery is made – he stands between nerdy fag and the eccentric party boy.

He participated in the television show -Nu Zanfan moris(2004-2006)- the first constant touch and real crush he has with the Media.

In 2007, regular articles of him are published in the daily LeMauricien – forum, signed “L’observateur perplexe”

Great Sports lover – he practiced swimming, badminton, jujitsu, horse riding, goes jogging almost every morning

Great Music lover – he took theory courses, practiced flute, classical guitar and keyboard. He also writes songs and lyrics.

Has a dire need to party, celebrate, change from the routine and go for ‘unexpected’ crazy stuff. This is the adrenaline which keeps  him going on every morning.

Taken by surprise after a shower..

He is now at SARO State College, for his A-level, Arts field – English, French and Sociology as main subjects with General Paper and Visual arts s subsidiary subjects. On a special curriculum, he is very taken but cannot help himself from tweeting (twiiter) and updating his facebook , his youtube and now his wordpress blog.

*Adores himself – the satisfaction of who he is made him fall in love with his body, way of thinking and soul. He is very self-conscious, not self-centered; there lies the subtle difference.


*Venerates the Total Quality Person concept- which he discovered in CMS, kanpur road, India(2007); IQ+EQ+SQ=TQP

*Developed since his early childhood until know a real interest in existentialism and is an anti-conformist, in its very individualist meaning!

*Loves lovers and haters, his inspirations.

*Arts passionate, he feels a real need to perform and this is what he does in his everyday life, he made his life a stage and people’s eyes a camera.


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